• touch of color frequently asked questions

    Q: Are you licensed and insured?
    A: Absolutley. We have been working in the Philadelphia, PA area for over 30 years since Eric started the Touch of Color business.

    Q: How do I achieve lasting results?
    A: I tell all my customers that painting is the easy part (and most fun). Getting the surface ready for the painting phase is the most important. There’s little point in putting energy and time into a painting project that will peel or fade a year later. Hiring a professional and experienced painting contractor is key to ensuring your money is well spent.

    Q: Why should I hire a professional painter?
    A: There are many reasons to hire a professional to paint your home or office. Besides being more time efficient, hiring painting contractors ensures your project meets health codes, is properly prepped and cleaned up, and provides a professional finish. Rather than hassling with ladders, toxic fumes, and messy clean up, hire professional painters to get the project done quickly and skillfully!

    Q: What should I do to prepare my house for paitning?
    A: Interior
    Our painting crews protect all your furniture, fixtures, and floor coverings when they prepare the area, however we ask that you clear the room of small items and breakables. We can also move the bigger items for you when we arrive upon request.
    A: Exterior
    We ask that any shrubbery be cut back (approximately 2 feet from home), furniture is moved off the patio and/or deck, window screens are unlocked from the inside, and someone be home for the pressure washing. Also, it’s important to let us know if you have noticed any severely rotten wood and major water leaks around windows, doors, or ceilings so we can address these issues prior to starting the project.

    Q: What brand of paint do you use?
    A: First, we would like to state that we can match any color from any brand. However, we are huge fans of both the Sherwin Williams interior and exterior products as well as the BEHR product line. The reason why we like these products is we have the most experience with them. We have used other brands but we feel, from a durability and value perspective, these products are the best. If you have a specific brand/product that you would like to use – let us know!

    Q: Do you provide touch up paint after you are finished?
    A: Of course! Any paint that we buy for your project will be left on the premises. If we use all the paint to finish your project, we will get you a complimentary gallon for future touch ups.

    Q: Can I leave my home while your painting crew works?
    A: Certainly! While you are at work or running errands, our crew will be busy prepping and painting your home. We are fully licensed and insured so there is nothing to worry about.

    Q: How long does a job take?
    A: The length of a project varies. Most of the residential painting we do can be completed in less than a week, however we also have jobs which take upwards of two weeks. Commercial painting projects can take longer depending on the size of the building(s). Throughout the entire project, we make sure to keep you informed of the timeline. If we think the project may take longer than expected, we let you know right away.

    Q: When can I expect my estimate?
    A: Usually, estimates are completed and sent out via email within three to four business days. We provide a very detailed scope of work and are meticulous when it comes to detailing out our plans on your home or business.

    Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
    A: We accept personal or business checks or cash. We don't require a down payment, however, we do require payment when the job is finished. On larger jobs, we can set up a payment schedule.

    Q: How far will you travel for a job?
    A: Our service area is generally within a 50 mile radius of the Philadelphia, PA metro area. Under certain circumstances, we will travel further. This typically depends on the size of the job. The best thing to do is give us a call and talk with us personally.

    Q: Is there a fee for estimates?
    A: Never! All estimates are free of charge.

    Q: Do you offer financing?
    A: No, however on large jobs we will work with you to set up a payment schedule.

    Q: How long will it take for work to begin?
    A: Generally, one to three weeks after a signed estimate and color selections. We cannot put you on the schedule until we have both. However, we will always try to accommodate your timeline.
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